What are the key features to look for when buying women’s golf gloves?

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Imagine yourself on a picturesque golf course, the sun shining down on lush green fairways. You take a step onto the tee box, gripping your club tightly, ready to make that perfect swing. But then, something feels off. Your grip feels loose, your hands slipping on the club. Your swing lacks the control and power you know you’re capable of. It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing. It’s the result of not having the right golf glove.

When it comes to playing golf, the right equipment can make all the difference. And for women golfers, finding the perfect golf glove is essential. It’s not just about style or fashion, but about performance and comfort. The right golf glove can give you the confidence to take your game to the next level, improving your grip and ensuring a smooth swing.

But with so many options available in the market, how do you know which women’s golf glove is the right one for you? That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll dive into the key features you should look for when buying women’s golf gloves. From materials to size and fit, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision and find the perfect glove for your golfing needs. So let’s tee off and get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right golf glove is crucial for performance and comfort on the course.
  • Key features to consider include materials, size and fit, and the importance of taking off gloves for putting.
  • Maintaining and cleaning golf gloves properly can prolong their lifespan.
  • There are top-rated women’s golf gloves available that offer exceptional performance and comfort.
  • Golf gloves designed specifically for winter conditions provide warmth and protection.


Golf gloves can be made from various materials, each with its own unique qualities. When choosing a golf glove, it’s essential to consider the materials used, as they directly impact the performance and durability of the glove.


Leather is the most common material used for golf gloves, particularly cabretta or AAA cabretta leather. These high-quality leathers offer exceptional feel and grip, allowing for a more precise and controlled swing. Leather gloves are also moisture resistant, ensuring a secure grip even in wet conditions.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials, such as microfiber or synthetic leather, are often used in specific areas of the glove to enhance flexibility and provide added breathability. These materials offer a combination of durability and comfort, making them a popular choice for golfers looking for long-lasting gloves that are easy to maintain.

All-Weather Gloves

All-weather gloves are designed to provide optimal performance in various weather conditions, including rain or high humidity. These gloves feature specialized materials that are water resistant, ensuring a reliable grip even when the glove gets wet. They are an excellent choice for golfers who frequently play in areas with unpredictable weather.

Thermal Gloves and Golf Mitts

For golfers who brave chilly temperatures on the course, thermal gloves and golf mitts are essential. These gloves are specifically designed to provide warmth and maintain heat in the hands during cold rounds. They often feature insulation and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring that golfers can maintain their performance and comfort even in the coldest weather conditions.

When choosing a golf glove, consider the materials used and how they align with your playing preferences and the weather conditions you typically encounter. The right materials can significantly enhance your grip, comfort, and overall performance on the golf course.

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Material Key Features
Leather (Cabretta or AAA Cabretta) – Excellent feel and grip
– Moisture resistant
– Premium quality and durability
Synthetic Materials – Flexibility and breathability
– Easy maintenance
– Durable and comfortable
All-Weather Gloves – Water resistance
– Reliable grip in wet conditions
– Versatile for unpredictable weather
Thermal Gloves and Golf Mitts – Provides warmth
– Maintains heat in cold weather
– Insulation and moisture-wicking properties

Getting The Right Size Of Golf Glove

When it comes to buying a golf glove, getting the right size is essential for a proper fit and optimal performance. Many golfers make the mistake of wearing gloves that are too big for them, which can negatively impact their grip and control. To ensure you choose the correct glove size, consider the following key factors:

  1. A second skin fit: A well-fitting golf glove should feel like a second skin on your hand. It should be snug without being too tight, allowing for natural movement and flexibility.
  2. Proper palm coverage: The glove should fully cover your palm without any excess material. This ensures a secure grip and prevents slippage during your swing.
  3. Finger length: The glove should fit snugly around the fingers, with no extra fabric bunching up at the tips. This ensures maximum control and sensitivity when gripping the club.
  4. Velcro fastener placement: The velcro fastener on the glove should come no more than 75% of the way across, indicating a proper fit. If the velcro overlaps too much, the glove may be too big.

It is highly recommended to try on multiple glove sizes before making a purchase. Different brands and models may have slight variations in sizing, so it’s important to find the one that fits you best. Additionally, some golfers may have wider palms and shorter fingers, for which cadet sizes can be a great option. Cadet sizes are designed specifically to accommodate these proportions, ensuring a proper fit for golfers with different hand shapes.

Women’s Golf Glove Size Chart

Glove Size Palm Circumference (in)
Small 6.5 – 7
Medium 7 – 7.5
Large 7.5 – 8
X-Large 8 – 8.5

Keep in mind that this chart serves as a general guideline and may vary slightly between different glove manufacturers. It’s always best to consult the specific sizing chart provided by the brand you’re interested in.

Why Professionals Take Off Gloves to Putt

When it comes to putting in golf, professionals have a unique approach that sets them apart from amateur players. One of the key strategies they employ is taking off their gloves before attempting a putt. This practice might seem puzzling at first, but it has important reasons behind it.

Gloves are an essential piece of golf equipment that provides grip and support during swings. However, when it comes to putting, the feel and touch of the club become critical. Gloves can reduce sensitivity and touch in the fingers and hand, which can make it harder to gauge the distance and execute a precise stroke.

By removing the glove, professionals can establish a more direct connection with the club, allowing them to better feel the greens and control their putts. Without the barrier of the glove, they can sense the subtle variations in the putting surface, resulting in more accurate and consistent strokes.

It’s important to note that professionals don’t take off their gloves for style or aesthetics. Rather, it’s a strategic decision to optimize their performance on the green. So, if you want to improve your putting game, consider following in the footsteps of the professionals and take off your gloves when it’s time to putt.

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Now that you understand the reasoning behind this practice, let’s move on to exploring other essential aspects of golf gloves, such as cleaning and care.

How to Properly Clean a Golf Glove

cleaning golf gloves

Properly cleaning and caring for golf gloves is essential to prolong their lifespan and maintain their performance. Most golf gloves are made from soft leather, which can be susceptible to damage from washing. Follow these steps to keep your golf gloves clean and in optimal condition.

Cleaning Process:

1. Fill a bucket with cold water and add a touch of dish detergent.

2. Submerge the glove in the soapy water and gently scrub it to remove any stains or dirt. Take care not to scrub too vigorously, as it may damage the leather.

3. Rinse the glove thoroughly with cold water to remove any soap residue.

4. Squeeze out excess water from the glove without twisting or wringing it, as this may distort its shape.

5. Place the glove on a clean towel and pat it dry gently. Avoid using direct heat sources such as radiators or hair dryers, as they can cause the leather to shrink and harden.

6. Allow the glove to air dry naturally, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. This will help preserve its shape and prevent any damage.

Tips for Proper Care:

  • Store your golf gloves in a cool and dry place, away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Avoid folding or creasing the gloves when not in use, as this can cause permanent damage.
  • Consider having multiple golf gloves in rotation to ensure maximum performance and longevity.
  • If your gloves get wet or damp during a round, switch to a dry pair to maintain grip and comfort.

Best Golf Gloves for Women

best women's golf gloves

When it comes to women’s golf gloves, there are several top-rated options available that offer exceptional performance and comfort. These gloves are designed to enhance your grip and provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to play your best game on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, finding the right glove can make a significant difference in your game. Here are some of the best women’s golf gloves that have received rave reviews from golfers:

1. FootJoy StaSof

The FootJoy StaSof is a standout choice for women golfers. It is known for its soft feel and superior grip, making it a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike. The glove is made from high-quality materials that provide excellent durability and performance, ensuring that it will last you many rounds on the course. With its comfortable fit and reliable grip, the FootJoy StaSof is a top-rated choice for women’s golf gloves.

2. Vice Pure

The Vice Pure is another popular choice for women golfers. It offers a comfortable fit and excellent grip, allowing you to maintain control over your shots. The glove is made from premium materials that provide a soft and smooth feel, enhancing your overall playing experience. With its stylish design and reliable performance, the Vice Pure is a top contender for the best women’s golf gloves.

3. COBRA Pur Tour

The COBRA Pur Tour is a high-performance glove that is specifically designed for women golfers. It features a premium leather construction that offers a comfortable fit and excellent grip. The glove also provides exceptional breathability, keeping your hands cool and dry during your rounds. With its stylish design and superior performance, the COBRA Pur Tour is a top choice for women who want the best out of their golf gloves.

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4. Titleist Players

The Titleist Players golf glove is a favorite among women golfers for its exceptional feel and durability. It is made from high-quality materials that offer a soft and comfortable fit, allowing for a confident grip on the club. The glove also provides excellent breathability, keeping your hands cool and dry throughout your game. With its proven performance and premium quality, the Titleist Players glove is a top-rated option for women golfers.

These top-rated women’s golf gloves offer a combination of comfort, performance, and style. Each glove has its own unique features and benefits, allowing you to find the perfect fit that suits your preferences and playing style. Whether you prioritize superior grip, durability, or breathability, these gloves have you covered. Invest in a high-quality golf glove, and watch how it positively impacts your game on the course.

Best Golf Gloves for Winter

Playing golf in winter weather requires specialized gloves that provide warmth and protection against the elements. These gloves are designed to withstand cold and wet conditions while maintaining grip and performance on the course. Here are some of the best winter golf gloves that will ensure you can still enjoy your game comfortably:

  • Under Armour Storm
  • Zero Friction Storm
  • TaylorMade Rain Control
  • FootJoy WinterSof
  • FootJoy RainGrip

These top-rated winter golf gloves offer insulation, moisture resistance, and durability, making them ideal for harsh weather conditions. They will keep your hands warm and dry, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the club and perform at your best. Whether you’re playing in light rain or snow, these gloves will provide the necessary protection and comfort to enhance your winter golfing experience.

Top Women’s Premium Golf Gloves for 2021

When it comes to women’s premium golf gloves in 2021, there are a few standout options that offer exceptional performance and quality. One of the top choices is the FootJoy StaSof. This glove not only provides a soft feel but also delivers an excellent grip and overall performance on the course. Its high-quality materials and comfortable fit make it a must-have for women golfers looking to enhance their game.

Another notable glove is the Titleist Players. With its top-rated product characteristics and critical buying factors, this glove is a favorite among women golfers. Its superior grip and feel add to its appeal, making it an essential purchasing criterion for those seeking a premium golf glove.

The Inesis Tour and COBRA Pur Tour gloves are also worth considering. These women’s premium golf gloves offer must-have product qualities, including a comfortable fit, excellent grip, and high-quality materials. They provide a key decision-making element for women golfers who prioritize performance and durability.

With these top-rated women’s premium golf gloves, you can be confident in your purchasing decisions. These gloves offer the best buying features, popular among golfers for their essential criteria. Whether you choose the FootJoy StaSof, Titleist Players, Inesis Tour, or COBRA Pur Tour, you can be sure to enjoy a top-rated glove that meets your needs and preferences.

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